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Steven  Mencini

Steven Mencini came to Vested Business Brokers with over 15 years of experience in the financial real estate market in the Ohio and Michigan markets. He started his career in finance and commercial lending as a loan officer and continued on to own his own brokerage and brings a vast experience of knowledge to help make sure the match between buyer and seller makes sense for both parties. Vested Business Brokers is proud to have Steve on our team and we recommend him highly.


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Leo DeBeech (Senior Business Broker) This is a little note of appreciation. Thanks so much in helping me sell my Laundromat in Yonkers. Your non-stop efforts, sincerity & natural ability in handling potential buyers certainly worked.You made my family & I very happy. Jeffrey Pinerio

- Jeffrey Pinerio
  Yonkers, NY

Leo  DeBeech
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Nathan F.  Goldstein

(Nathan Goldstein, CEO Vested Business Brokers) I had the pleasure of working together with Nathan for over a year as I hunted for the perfect business. He was always available for me by phone and continually went above and beyond my expectations. I worked with many brokers before meeting Nate and became more and more frustrated until I met Nate. He helped steer me away from bad choices and ultimately into the right business. During the process we became friends and I still stay in contact with him today. I can now proudly say that I am President and CEO of my owncompany, THANKS NATE! I also know the seller feels the same way about Nate's professionalism, wisdom and ability to help us both put our deal together. If you're looking to buy or sell a business, just call Nate! Scott M- Long Beach,NY

- Scott M.
  Long Beach, NY

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At first I thought a broker would be an obstacle in the process of purchasing a business, I met Mel Vaz on a visit to a business that was for sale. After months of due diligence and an uncooperative seller, Mr. Vaz made sure to keep the focus on both parties interests and tirelessly worked to move the deal towards closing. After 8 months of attempts to get to closing, the deal was not sealed and I as a buyer moved on. Upon finding my ideal business and the property for sale on Vested's website, once again Mr. Vaz stepped up and guide both the seller and myself through to closing and I am very appreciative for his assistance. Thank you Mel!

- Michael M
  Long Island, NY

Melvin L.  Vaz
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Christi  Wigle

(Christie Wigle Senior Business Broker) (Nathan Goldstein CEO) I wanted to share a great experience that I've had working with Christi Wigle and Nathan from Vested Business Brokers....As soon as I spoke to Christi and expressed my concerns she took extra special time to hold my hand through this process. I'm in the early stages of looking to purchase a business and Christi is my assigned Buyers Rep - she has done an incredible job managing my account - She is incredibly responsive and is available anytime of the day and night! It has made this important & difficult buying process very reassuring. I would highly recommend Vested for any of your business buying needs. Miles Z.

- Miles Z
  Ft Lauderdale

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(Anees Akram) Selling my Business through Vested was a great experience. The whole process was very smooth and the brokers were professional and helpful from the beginning till the very end. That is why once I sold my business I decided to join Vested as a broker so I could be part of a great team and help other people buy and sell businesses in the same professional manner I was helped with.

- Anees Akram

Anees  Akram
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Tom  Patterson

Tom Patterson, as a Business Broker, was a tremendous asset to me. He helped me to find several potential business opportunities, sort through to find the best fit, assisted me in negotiations and dialogue with the Seller and made sure I understood the company that I ultimately purchased. He also went the extra mile to keep me informed even after the transaction seemed to slip away. When the opportunity re-surfaced, he was quick to get me back on track with the Seller and negotiate a final deal. He works hard and in a fair, even-handed manner to ensure the interests of both the Seller and the Buyer are considered and addressed. I look forward to working with Tom when my next business transaction surfaces.

- Mike Oster
  Westfield, NJ

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I recently had the unique pleasure of working with Jim Aloi, your senior business broker. I wanted you to know that Jimís professionalism and patience allowed me to purchase my new business. He was great with helping me with my negotiations and resolving tough issues. I wish him continued success and will recommend him to all my friends and business partners. Having dealt with Jim for the last 3 months, I know for a fact that, you are lucky to have him in your firm.

- Reggie Sethi
  Farmingville, NY

Jim  Aloi
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Jeanie  Giagni

I would like to express my gratitude to Jeanie Giagni, Senior Business Broker with Vested for her commitment and dedication in listing and selling my business. She and all the members of the Vested team were there to make the process as smooth as possible. It is extremely satisfying to work with someone who can anticipate all the variables that may arise in a company transition and offer viable options in a timely manner. I would recommend Jeanie to anyone interested in buying or selling a business. Her experience and professionalism is truly appreciated.

- Chris Lester
  Weatherford, TX

Testimonials for Amit Desai - New York, NY See All Amit Desai's Testimonials

"I have had the pleasure of being associated with Vested Business Brokers as an Independent Business Broker. Vested Business Brokers is truly a team in every sense. Starting with the leadership, which practices first before preaching, plays fair and treats everyone from most experienced to novice equally and professionally and always have been there for me in the most efficient manner. The front office staff which answers every call is very helpful to buyers, sellers and independent brokers like me. There is continuous coaching and training available to sharpen my skills along with tremendous team to generate leads for anyone interested. There is a marvelous support structure that help me every step of the way; starting from the interest of the buyer, setting meeting between buyer & seller, making sure that any and all glitches are addressed with everyone involved, all the way to clo...

- Amit Desai, Senior Business Broker

Amit  Desai