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Nathan F. Goldstein

November 28, 2017 The Giftbasket.com team is thrilled to share a success story regarding our relationship with Nathan Goldstein & Vested Business Brokers. Less than three months ago our team closed, on what was at the time, a difficult deal to finalize. With the support of Nathan and the team at VBB we were able to work through our challenges & finalize the deal prior to the proposed deadline! As you could imagine the Gift Basket industry has many peaks and valleys throughout the course of the year. It was imperative to our management team that we finalized this deal with ample time to prepare the business for the winter holiday push. Nathan & the VBB team were there to support our timeline every step of the way. I am happy to report that our business is operating efficiently & growing steadily. The transition process was extremely smooth, and we are ready to support the gi...

- R.Anscher
  New York

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Marie, Thank you for today, Your energy coupled with your genuine desire to help the new broker is refreshing as well as effiective. I look forward to a good week of training.

- T Richman- Broker

Marie Goldstein
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Jim Aloi

I recently had the unique pleasure of working with Jim Aloi, your senior business broker. I wanted you to know that Jim's professionalism and patience allowed me to purchase my new business. He was great with helping me with my negotiations and resolving tough issues. I wish him continued success and will recommend him to all my friends and business partners. Having dealt with Jim for the last 3 months, I know for a fact that, you are lucky to have him in your firm.

- Reggie Sethi
  Farmingville, NY

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Within this past year I received 4 letters from different brokers inquiring about selling my business. I saved them all. When my partner and I decided we would like to look into selling our business of 34 years, I pulled out the letters. I called each person. By far the person I was most impressed with was Joseph Stansky from vested. I said to my partner after having our call “he knows his stuff” and I was right. Now I am happily retired and I can thank Mr Stansky. First he explained what exactly his plan would be for us. I sent him the information he wanted and the business was listed. Within 3 weeks we received a call from a prospective buyer. All arranged by Mr. Stansky. This person ultimately bought our business. Joe put a price on the business and that is what we received. He called, gave excellent advice, made suggestions that were worthwhile and I trusted him completely. ...

- Sandra B

Joseph Stansky Esq
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Melvin L. Vaz

Although we have almost 2 years of telephone time between, it's truly a shame that we have never met face to face. I am very appreciative of all the help you provided over the past 2 years. Finally, I was able to find a business that with out your help I am sure I would not have found. If anyone is ever asking about a business purchase, or a good broker rest assured Mel Vaz at VBB is the guy I will tell them to go see. Once again thanks for the help, and the best wishes!

- John D
  Long Island, NY

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Steven Mencini came to Vested Business Brokers with over 15 years of experience in the financial real estate market in the Ohio and Michigan markets. He started his career in finance and commercial lending as a loan officer and continued on to own his own brokerage and brings a vast experience of knowledge to help make sure the match between buyer and seller makes sense for both parties. Vested Business Brokers is proud to have Steve on our team and we recommend him highly.


Steven Mencini
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Amit Desai

"I have had the pleasure of being associated with Vested Business Brokers as an Independent Business Broker. Vested Business Brokers is truly a team in every sense. Starting with the leadership, which practices first before preaching, plays fair and treats everyone from most experienced to novice equally and professionally and always have been there for me in the most efficient manner. The front office staff which answers every call is very helpful to buyers, sellers and independent brokers like me. There is continuous coaching and training available to sharpen my skills along with tremendous team to generate leads for anyone interested. There is a marvelous support structure that help me every step of the way; starting from the interest of the buyer, setting meeting between buyer & seller, making sure that any and all glitches are addressed with everyone involved, all the way to clo...

- Amit Desai, Senior Business Broker