Sell Your Business

If you are ready to engage the services of a Business Broker to help you sell a business, please call us at 1(877) 735-5224 or fill out the short contact form below and a Vested Business Broker from your local area will contact you for a no-obligation consultation.

Why List with Vested Business Brokers?

Business experts almost universally agree that as the owner of a business for sale you should always use an experienced business brokerage firm to help you sell your business. Why? Because not using a business broker to sell a business can be a monumental mistake! A better question to ask is "Which business broker should I use to help me sell my business?"

At Vested Business Brokers, we have helped over 1800 business owners sell a business successfully. The reason we succeed is two-fold. First, we only earn a commission when we bring a Vested Registered Buyer to the table and the deal closes, and second, Vested has pioneered specialized complimentary tools and marketing services that every seller automatically receives if they choose us to be their business broker. This means that working with Vested is a no risk proposition with free benefits that we extend to our clients whether we end up helping them sell a business or not.

What Do You Get When You Choose Vested to Help You Sell a Business?

A Proven Business Sales System

Most business owners usually don't know the steps involved in selling a business and we will walk you through them from start to finish.

A Dedicated Vested Business Broker

Ultimately selling a business is about people. High end technology and modern day resources are helpful in the process, but it does not replace the business experience, knowledge and skill of individuals who have proven success of closed business transactions. When working with Vested Business Brokers, you are working with individuals who are industry leaders in the business of helping people with the sale of privately held profitable businesses.

The Vested Business Brokers Network

At Vested Business Brokers we believe in healthy relationships, comfort ability for our clients as well as a high standard in excellent service. Therefore, you are not only assigned a personal knowledgeable business broker professional you will also be working with a team of over 130 men and women that have been formally trained by business experts who have closed more successful business transactions than any other privately held business brokerage company. Every Vested Business Broker is required to participate and complete Vested Business Broker training which is instructed by knowledgeable and experienced business professionals who have personally closed successful business transactions. When you hire a Vested Business Broker, you are hiring the entire Vested Business Broker team. Our team works confidentially and collaboratively to get your business sold. Vested Business Brokers work together as a team to get the deal you are looking for executed.

Complimentary Professional Business Valuation

At Vested Business Brokers we understand that selling your business can be a hard decision. We work with business owners in determining a professional business valuation, in an effort to assist you while you decide if it is the right time for you to sell your company. We understand that it can be a difficult decision and you need to gather thoughts and information before making the decision that you believe is right for you. Vested business valuations are custom tailored with the numbers, information and circumstances that, you, the business owner provide to your Vested Business Broker professional. Receiving a business valuation from a Vested Broker does not obligate you to listing your business with Vested Business Brokers. Vested Business Brokers understands that you have worked hard to build your business and it is not a decision that can be rushed.

Protection of Your Interests Throughout the Entire Business Sale Process

Confidentiality, value and efficiency are crucial in the process of selling your business. From the initial valuation of your business right through to the closing table your best interest remains paramount. Vested Business Brokers works for the seller with a fiduciary responsibility to the buyer. Our goal is an honest and fair deal for all parties.

Complimentary Internet Marketing of Your Business for Sale

The Vested Business Broker brand name along with the Vested Team of business professionals and Vested technology platform have made us the “go to” industry leaders in the sale of privately held profitable business for business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world. Vested’s intense confidential strategic marketing and resources spent on advertising through multiple marketing sites has assisted us in achieving the global reach that our sellers and buyers deserve, thus, making the Vested technology platform a magnet for entrepreneurs looking to buy or sell a business.

Complimentary Registered Business Buyer Database Cross Check and Live Buyer page in Real Time

Within 24 hours of receiving your business for sale listing, the Vested technology automatically cross checks our growing database of over 220,000+ pre-qualified registered buyers to determine if there are instant matches. There is a very strong possibility that we already have pre-qualified registered buyers in our system who would like to buy your business today! Every buyer signs a confidentiality /non-circumvent agreement. A seller has the opportunity to go to the Vested Business Broker website and shop for the buyer that may be right for your business - go to the (Seller-Find Your Buyer) tab on our home page

Complimentary Advertising of Your Business for Sale in our Vested Magazine

A business that is listed with Vested Business Brokers is also confidentially marketed in our Vested Magazine that is chock full of valuable business information and delivered on a weekly basis to our buyers and potential buyers. The Vested magazine has become an entrepreneurial handbook for those who are looking to purchase a profitable business as well as the information about specific industries. We target circulation of our magazine toward people who are pre-qualified and actively searching to buy a business. Commissions Earned Only When Vested Introduces the Business Buyer

We are a "pay for performance" based company. We only earn a commission if we introduce a Vested Registered Buyer to your business and when that buyer closes on your business.

Productive Negotiations to Help You Sell Your Business

A healthy profitable deal for our sellers is our goal. Our experienced knowledgeable business team assists in resolving common objections and hurdles that can occur during the due diligence and negotiations process. Vested Business Brokers assist you in all aspects of the transaction, while keeping you completely informed all of the time and only going forward each step of the way with your approval, thus, giving you the time and peace of mind to well think out your decisions.

We currently have over 3,600 business for sale. The business owners that we represent come from a wide range of backgrounds and we recognize that every business owner, regardless of background, is a different individual with different needs and aspirations concerning their business sale. At Vested Business Brokers we “listen carefully” to our sellers which enable us to use our resources and business knowledge to match you with the “right” business buyer.

We are proud that Vested Business Brokers remains the business broker of choice after an initial "no-obligation" consultation with a business owner looking to sell their business.

Call us at 1(877) 735-5224, and we will arrange for a local Vested Business Broker to call you today. We are looking forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals for your business sale.