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Are you thinking about starting a small business, or do you think you may want to buy a business, but need more information about the process?

We have put together some proprietary informative articles that may help you reach the right decision for your circumstances. (You can also subscribe to our blog to get the latest information on how to buy a business or how to sell a business.

If you need more information, please call us toll free at 1(877) 735-5224 for a no-obligation consultation with one of our business brokers who works in your local area. At Vested, of course we have the latest state-of-the-art tools to help you find the right business opportunity (in fact we pioneered many of them!) but, most importantly, we know that business brokerage is about people, and the superior way we work with our buyers and sellers is what has made us the fastest growing and largest, privately held, non-franchised business brokerage firm in the United States. We have the tools and the people to help you on your road to real success!

Should I Be Starting a Small Business or Should I Buy a Business That Is Already Profitable?

Many Americans now realize that the best way to safeguard their family's financial future is to take steps to control their livelihood and thus control their destiny. Whether you are starting a small business or going to buy a business, you have the potential to be in charge of your financial future, and from this vantage point, you can realize your dreams and enrich your life...

Why "Right Now" May Be the Best Time to Buy a Business

At Vested Business Brokers, we are in a unique position to predict the best timing to buy a business, particularly during a slow down, because we are constantly assessing historic small business sector trends together with current "Main Street" market conditions...

If I Want to Buy a Business, How Can I Benefit by Using a Vested Business Broker?

Many people who want to buy a business are not sure that they need a business broker at all. They do not see why they just cannot find a business to buy on their own and then deal directly with the seller. There are actually many reasons why this is not a very good idea. Not the least of which is that a buyer never pays for a reputable business broker's services because the seller always pays the commission...

Vested Business Brokers' Basic Steps to Buy a Business

Vested Business Brokers' FREE business buyer unique processes explained.Initial Consultations, The Buyer Profile, Viewing Listings, Letters Of Intent,Due Diligence, and Contracts and Closing...

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