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If I Want to Buy a Business, How Can I Benefit by Using a Vested Business Broker?

Many people who want to buy a business are not sure that they need a business broker at all. They do not see why they cannot just buy a business on their own and deal directly with the seller. There are actually many reasons why this is not a very good idea. Not the least of which is that a buyer never pays for a reputable business broker's services because the seller always pays the commission.


The job of a Vested Business Broker is to act as an intermediary between a business buyer and a business seller. Our business brokers have a ready pool of pre-qualified sellers and once you decide to engage our services, you will have access to all of our listings. Finding the right business can be a very time consuming process and a Vested Business Broker can help you save time by only recommending a business for sale that might be a good fit.


Vested Business Brokers have systems in place to take care of deals. Whether you want to buy a business or sell your business, it is usually a stressful time for both parties, so having someone to put everything together and take care of the paperwork is very helpful. This allows you to concentrate on getting a worthwhile deal, since you will not have to worry about whether all the documents (and there are a lot of them) are in order.

Realistic Perspective:

A Vested Business Broker always takes the time to learn about the specific needs of every buyer, and to facilitate this process we have created our "Buyer Profile" which helps us to target listings specifically for our buyers. In addition, your Vested Business Broker knows your local marketplace and this will also help guide you to find the most suitable business for your needs. Vested Business Brokers know what is happening with other business listings of the same type and have an educated feel for what makes one deal good and another deal great.

Possible Financing:

A Vested Business Broker will usually succeed in helping you to secure some kind of financing for the deal. There are many options available, and your broker can help you evaluate the particulars of your case to see what the best option is for you. In today's market, the majority of listings available through a Vested Business Broker come with seller financing for a large portion of the total selling price. The good thing about seller financing is that it shows that the seller is being serious and honest about the deal, and is not trying to offload an ailing business onto you. It shows that he has enough faith in the business he is selling to share the risk involved in running it with you. There's no better way to be sure that a business is really worth buying. Seller financing also allows for far greater flexibility than any other kind of financing.

Help Structuring An Offer:

Vested Business Broker structure offers all the time and the offer is a critical part of putting together a deal that will close. By relying on a Vested Business Broker to help you structure your offer in a professional manner, you are increasing the likelihood that your offer will be accepted.

Guide Financial and Operational Due Diligence:

Due diligence is when your accountants and attorneys determine the veracity of information that was provided by the seller. Your Vested Business Broker's expertise is particularly useful during this period (usually two weeks) and can keep a deal on track.

Help Negotiating The Deal:

It is useful to have your Vested Business Broker present your case to the seller you're negotiating with, particularly at times when it seems like things could get unpleasant. For instance, if you need to modify a previous offer, it is probably a better idea to let your broker handle it rather than doing it yourself. The seller and buyer often need to remain associated after the sale and an aggressive confrontation during the negotiation could sour the relationship.

Buying and selling businesses is sufficiently complicated so as to require specialized people to put deals together. Most people who decide to buy a business never end up actually going through with it. Putting a Vested Business Broker in charge will give the process a momentum that it wouldn't otherwise have had, and this can help ensure that your decision to buy a business sees the light of day.

People that buy a business come from a wide range of past positions and professions and we recognize that every business buyer, regardless of background, is a different individual with different needs and aspirations. We train our business brokers to be good listeners and it is this skill, above all others, that enables your broker to use all of our resources to match you to the "right" business for sale. It is also the reason why so many buyers choose Vested Business Brokers to be their business broker after an initial "no-obligation" consultation. Call us at 1(877) 735-5224 and we will arrange for one our business brokers from your local area to call you today.

If you feel you are ready to buy a business without having a business broker consultation first, you can browse through our listings of businesses for sale on our Home Page or Buy a Business Page and then register to become a business buyer at no charge. A registered business buyer agrees not to share any confidential information we give them about a listing and is permitted to view all of the financial details of a given business for sale, as well as receive the address of businesses for sale to do a "drive by." You can register by signing our confidentiality agreement electronically, or you can print out the agreement and fax it to our corporate office.

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