Testimonials for Melvin L. Vaz

Although we have almost 2 years of telephone time between, it's truly a shame that we have never met face to face. I am very appreciative of all the help you provided over the past 2 years. Finally, I was able to find a business that with out your help I am sure I would not have found. If anyone is ever asking about a business purchase, or a good broker rest assured Mel Vaz at VBB is the guy I will tell them to go see. Once again thanks for the help, and the best wishes!

- John D
  Long Island, NY

Mel was great to work with. I tested the market with Mel three years before we actually sold the company. When I was ready to sell again, after having improved the bottom-line, Mel picked up where we left off and closed the sale in just a few months. He only brought me knowledgeable, qualified leads, and he was extremely flexible with both myself and the final buyer. He helped me stay comfortable during the process and gave guidance on pricing and negotiation. There is almost no chance I could have found a buyer on my own, and I would use Mel's services again in a heartbeat.

- Darren C
  New York, NY

Thanks again for all your help and professionalism in helping Anthony and I in making our dream of owning a business a reality. Stop by anytime if you are ever in the area for some delicious food! Thanks again and Happy New Year!

- Robert M
  New York

I cannot thank Mel Vaz of Vested Business Brokers enough for his diligence and effort over nearly an eight month period in getting my two spas sold for over $1 million dollars. He coordinated between myself, the buyer and the bank in dealing with numerous issues that came up throughout the process. He kept a level head and did not let emotions get in the way even when the deal became tenuous. I had considered selling the business on my own, but realized that leaning on someone with 20 years of experience could only be to my benefit. The fees were well worth it. I could not have done this deal without him. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a business. Thanks again, Mel. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

- Mitchell S
  New Jersey

- Mike L
  New York

At first I thought a broker would be an obstacle in the process of purchasing a business, I met Mel Vaz on a visit to a business that was for sale. After months of due diligence and an uncooperative seller, Mr. Vaz made sure to keep the focus on both parties interests and tirelessly worked to move the deal towards closing. After 8 months of attempts to get to closing, the deal was not sealed and I as a buyer moved on. Upon finding my ideal business and the property for sale on Vested's website, once again Mr. Vaz stepped up and guide both the seller and myself through to closing and I am very appreciative for his assistance. Thank you Mel!

- Michael M
  Long Island, NY

Mel was the broker on the sale of my business. He worked diligently to find the right buyer and made the whole process simple and successful. I found him to be honest, helpful and true to his word. I would recommend him to anyone, whether buying or selling a business.

- Bill F
  Long Island, New York

"Mel was a pleasure to work with. He was very consistent with us in updating our listing over the course of the year prior to us selling with him. Once a suitable buyer was identified, the process was painless and Mel was fully transparent on all fronts. I recommend Vested if you're ever looking to put your business on the market."

- Ed
  New Jersey

(Mel Vaz Senior Business Broker) I just wanted to send a note of appreciation for Mel Vaz's hard work on our recently completed business sale. We met Mel over 2 years ago, and signed up with your firm in September 2012. After going through a large number of buyers and no deals, we signed up with another firm. We had a signed LOI through that firm, but the deal fell apart in February of this year. In the meantime, Mel had been keeping diligently in touch, and was able to raise to the challenge we put before him to come up with another real buyer within a week! He brought 3 highly qualified parties to the table immediately and had a signed LOI within 2 weeks! We ended up closing the deal within 2 months and got a substantially higher number than the previous deal! The reason I am taking the time to write this is because Mel deserves so much credit for his patience, perseverance, negotiating skills, and professionalism throughout the entire process. He never gave up after the first round, and was able to win it in the end. We are extremely happy with Mel'sservice and the deal he was able to bring to conclusion.

- Garth W
  New York, NY

(Mel Vaz Senior Business Brokers) Mel Vaz was very professional. He brought in several prospective buyers who were real and looking for a business. He was easy to get a hold of when I needed him and we even got a buyer.

- Larry W
  Manorville, NY

We truly appreciate all your work and support during the negotiation process. Your level of professionalism was excellent and well regarded. We'd like to keep our communication lines open as my parents consider selling their restaurant at the latter end of this year.

- Edwin L
  New Jersey

(Mel Vaz Senior Business Broker) Mel Vaz helped my wife and I sell our liquor store. He brought a qualified buyer almost immediately from the time we first listed with him. Negotiations were swift and concise and before we knew it we were under contract just awaiting a closing date. Besides a small snafu, a delay in getting the temporary license for the new buyers, things went very smooth and quickly. Calls are returned in a timely fashion, even on weekends. We cannot thank Mel and hiscompany helping us achieve our goals.

- Jill & Michael C
  Valatie, NY

Dear Mel, Thank you again for all your assistance with my purchase of the detail business. Your overall knowledge and ability to successfully address my questions and concerns, not only with this business, but the others we investigated have made you a great resource in navigating through these acquisitions. Thank you again, Brian

- Brian W
  New York

(Mel Vaz-Senior Business Broker) I worked with Mel to sell my eCommerce business and he found a buyer I was very happy with. I was extremely happy my company sold! Mel is one of the most professional business brokers I have ever worked with. He follows up, he is responsive, and he really does a great job. He also communicates very well. Because of his great work, I put another one of my companies for sale with him and Vested. I am not using any other broker because I feel he will definitely find me another buyer and I would rather give him the business. I am also looking for another business opportunity and would prefer to go through him. He really is a great guy and I really like working with him. He is definitely one of the more honest brokers out there. Vested is definitely one of the better business broker companies out there. I would highly recommend Vested Business Brokers and specifically Mel Vaz. They have buying and selling a business down to a science.

- Samuel P
  Roslyn Heights, NY

Mel was the broker on the sale of my business. He worked diligently to find the right buyer and made the whole process simple and successful. I found him to be honest, helpful and true to his word. I would recommend him to anyone whether buying or selling a business. Bill F

- William F
  New york

It was great to work with you Mel. You helped make it a very smooth transaction.

- Brian W
  New York

I want to say thank you for your service. You have always been attentive and I am very pleased with the proposals presented. I hope to open in June, you're already invited. Thank you again. I'll see you soon. Maicon T

- Maicon T.
  New York

Thanks Mel, you are a pleasure to work with. Steve

- Attorney Working with Vested
  New York

Thanks Mel!! you are always a class act!! Nagi

- Nagi
  Staten Island, NY

Thanks m'friend! I wanted to tell you that I like your approach. Thank you for all you are doing for me...I have full confidence in you! Tariq

- Seller Tariq

It was a very pleasant experience working with Mel. He is upfront, honest, prompt and very responsible in his dealings. My sale was a tough sale but his professionalism made it a pleasant experience. I would give 20 out of 10 for his overall services. Thanks a lot Mel, you are extraordinary good and keep it up.

- Bharat Pareek

Mr. Mel Vaz is always most professional, always takes the time to listen to myself & my husband, calls us back in a timely manner but actually almost immediately and communicates via email very quickly as well. Mel Vaz and Vested Brokers are most efficient and we are extremely pleased to be working with them!

- Marianne G
  New York

I recently sold my business and I have to say that working with Melvin Vaz at Vested Business Brokers was an extremely positive experience. Mel was not only knowledgeable and professional, but he was very friendly and always available to answer my questions. I highly recommend him to others that may be looking to sell or buy a business in the future. Thank you so much Mel!!!

- Jean M

If you are serious in buying a business this is the right place. Mel Vaz made it happen for me, I was interested in a framing business and Mel went above and beyond in his service, very professional super patient, and easy to work with. Highly recommend this place!

- Mustafa K
  New Jersey

Mel Vaz (Vested Business Brokers) was instrumental in the sale of our Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa. He was extremely personable, professional and diligent in discussing all of our options and presenting us with the right buyer who would give the same level of attention to our spa and team. Mel also represented our Buyer in the acquisition of two other spas the year before, he helped make this a very seamless process ... once the Buyer and I came to an agreement our closing happened in under 30 days! Mel is not pushy like some others we have worked with, he took the time to understand our business and industry and where it is trending which was instrumental as we navigated through this pandemic. Mel's perseverance helped us close this deal in record time, just in time for the holidays! I strongly recommend Mel Vaz, he will continue to work on your behalf to match you with the right buyer for your business - Harin P {NJ)

- Harin P
  New Jersey

I have worked with Mel Vaz as an attorney on several of his transactions. His level of professionalism and responsiveness is remarkable. His experience especially shows in his ability to get difficult transactions closed. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in either purchasing or selling a business.

- Sumeet Sondhi
  New York, NY

My husband and I have been working with Mel Vaz on purchasing a business for a couple of months now. His professionalism and dedication are second to none. He walked us through every step of buoying a business and made the whole process incredibly easy.

- Inna P
  New York