Looking to Find the Right Business?

How About a Laundromat?

There’s a particular business you can own and operate that will consistently turn quarters into thousands of dollars.  It’s a stable, profit churning business that only requires your presence on a part-time basis.  A business rooted in taking care of one of life’s necessities, which safeguards it from even the worst of economic downturns.  This is an industry where there are virtually no sales tactics or persuasion skills needed to get customers.  In case you were wondering, the business that is being described is…The Laundromat.

The pro versus con list of owning a Laundromat heavily favors the pro side.  This business is said to be safe because the economy does not influence it.  The simple fact is people need to clean their clothes regardless of the country’s economic state.  Then there’s the age-old adage of ‘location, location, location.’  Well, Laundromats can be successful and profitable in most communities.  However, in neighborhoods with high rental occupancies this business is exceptional.   Typically, running a successful business can take a big chunk out of your personal time.  Laundromats are different.  As individuals who own Laundromats can attest, the beauty is the part-time hours.  According to Brian Brunckhorst of www.buyalaundromat.com “if run properly, a Laundromat should only require 5 to 15 hours a week of your time.  Don’t waste your time getting a second job, instead own a part-time business and a Launderette is truly one that can be run part-time.”   More so, Laundromats do not require you to roll up your sleeves and sweat for you to earn your money.  This is one of the few businesses where your customers are doing all of the labor and paying you!  Your job is solely to provide and maintain competent washers and dryers.  Finally, another reason to buy a Laundromat is that it’s an ALL CASH BUSINESS.  Customers pay in cash to use your machines.  There are no checks; there are no debts, and there is no waiting.

Laundromats are an amazing business and investment vehicle.  They don’t require experience or any special training and are simple to operate.  It’s an industry that only continues to grow and can provide you with an amazing opportunity to make money.

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