How Quickly Can You Sell Your Business?

A question we get asked a lot by business owners is, “how long will it take to sell my business?”  In this video I will disclose the three factors that will determine how long it will take to sell any business…

There are a three major components that you really have to address when selling your business.

1) The most important one are your “financials”.

How are you going to prove the revenue and profits of your business? If you have that taken care of, you know what I am talking about and when you have that taken care of are able to prove all the numbers, the revenue, the income of your business and your add backs. Your business is 50% there.

2) The second step is to see if it is priced correctly to the market.

There are many times that we go into a business and the guy or gal wants way more than what the moving market is experiencing at that time. What multiple is your industry selling for at this time in your geographical market? Call us today and will be glad to help you.

3) The third piece is how many buyers are out there?

Many business brokers in the United States cannot answer that question. You ask the Vested broker with a click of a button and he can tell you exactly, based on your category, how many potential buyers we will be talking to when selling your business.

Typically we can get a deal done within 60 to 90 days if all three components are correct. I wish you luck. If you need any help call your local Vested broker at (877) 735-5224.

One thought on “How Quickly Can You Sell Your Business?

  1. The business selling is major and important segment for each and every business men. For determine to sell your business means keep in mind for profits and financial position of the business. What type product to be produce and what is price for the product in market. Analysis for their price is correct or not. Buyers are possible to taken their product to sell in market are not.After considering these things and then get decision for sell your business. So many products are running in market as grea success. And some of products are getting low price and also customer not interested to buy, you can consider all aspects for sale promotion. Give more advertisement for your product and fix discount rate etc.

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