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We have helped thousands of Premium Account holders buy a business. Those buyers were also refunded all of their account fees and hold Vested Business Brokers’ Pro-Buyer Status - for life.

  • Get Instant Access to the Business Name & Address
  • Get a Business-Wanted Ad Posted on VBB
  • Get an Exclusive How to Buy a Business eGuide
  • Make a Non-Binding Offer on Any Listing

Over 3,600 Businesses for Sale
Many with Owner Financing

  • Get Instant Access to the Business Name & Address
  • Get a Business-Wanted Ad Posted on VBB
  • Get an Exclusive How to Buy a Business eGuide
  • Make a Non-Binding Offer on Any Listing

Get Instant Access to the Business Name & Location

Location, location, location - it’s the key to success in every business. That’s why finding the right location for your new business is mission-critical. Get instant access to up to twenty business names and locations for any listing we have. Then, make a low-profile visit to see if it’s right for you.

Nothing beats an actual visit to the business location to see if it fits all of your criteria and that’s just what you’ll be able to do with a Vested Business Brokers™ Premium Account.

Premium Buyer Designation

Another great thing about being a premium member is standing out amongst members with a standard registration. Did you know that there’s an average of 21 buyers for every business lisitng with great potential? It’s a sellers market, but as a premium or premium plus member you’ll get Premium Buyer Designation.

This means we make it our job to let sellers know that your a premium member which enhances your buyer credibility which is, of course, what sellers are looking for.

Get an Exclusive How to Buy a Business eGuide

When you register, you’ll instantly be emailed this e-guide that’s sourced from the subject-matter experts at Vested Business Brokers™. This valuable e-guide includes information such as where to look, how to prepare, what to expect and more.

It’s designed to save you hours of time which everyone can use - especially the budding entrepreneur. Get your digital copy today.

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Get a Business-Wanted Ad

A new concept from Vested Business Brokers, this ad is automatically generated with your business-buying criteria so that business sellers in your area can contact your broker. This way, you can continue to search for a business but, with a little luck, the right business will find you.

  • Become a Featured Buyer
  • Have Sellers Come to You
  • Maintain Anonymity
  • Brokers Screen All Candidates for You

Get Notified First of New Listings

You’ll also enjoy getting notified of new listings 24 hours before standard registered members and getting a first look at new Vested Business Brokers opportunities. And, considering your getting notifications that are most relevant to your criteria (such as location and the type of business that you’re looking for), this makes a substantial difference.

Looking to buy a profitable restaurant or cafe? Be the first to know when they go up for sale in your city so you can act fast.

Get An Extensive Buyer Profile

We’ve made registration quick and easy by narrowing down the required information. After you register, you’ll have the option to go to your profile page and give us more information about yourself so that we can deliver news, information and new listings based on your preferences.

The more we know about you and your business-buying criteria, the more relevant the information that you recieve from us will be. We leave this completely up to you and/or your broker so that you can feel comfortable giving us as much information as you want.

Two Great Plans to Choose From

Premium Plus

20 Business Name & Addresses/month

$99.99/Year Get More with a One-Time Annual Payment


10 Business Name & Addresses/month

$9.99/Month The “Get Started Now” Plan - Cancel Anytime

Benefits Free Account Premium Account Premium Plus Account
View the Financial Details
Speak to the Broker
How to Buy a Business eGuide
Business-Wanted Ad 30 Days Only
Premium Buyer Designation
Business Name & Address 10/mth 20/mth
Advanced Notice on New Listings
Extensive Buyer Profile
Speak Directly to Seller

And, when you purchase a business through us, We’ll Refund All of Your Premium Fees and Give You Pro Buyer Status - For Life!

Pro Buyer

Get 10 Business Name & Addresses/month Free for Life with Business Purchase!

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