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Nathan F. Goldstein
Nathan F. Goldstein
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Nathan Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer, founded Vested Business Brokers in January 2000. At that time Nathan was a successful Wall Street investment banker who participated in helping to raise over one billion dollars to fund various projects. However, a number of the deals Nathan hoped to bring to fruition fell apart because of the disparity between the financial information principals were claiming, and the factual financial information uncovered during due diligence. It just was not possible to create parameters in advance that could help in predetermining the veracity of the financials of any deal that was up for consideration. This was because there was no way to compare the financial reporting of a company seeking investment against the reported financial data of existing companies of the same type. There simply was no database in existence at the time that contained this "comparable information," and it was Nathan's desire to create one that led to the birth of Vested Business Brokers. Nathan brings 30 years of experience in finance, sales, marketing and global operations. His impressive credentials and results oriented management style provide the strong leadership necessary to drive the company forward. The vision instilled by Nathan is one of back-to-basics: watch costs, take care of your customers, take care of your competitor's customers, and set your sights on strong repetitive, quarter-by-quarter growth and profitability.

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