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Howard Nevins
Howard Nevins
Vested Business Brokers Senior Broker
Servicing: Bronx County NY, Kings County NY, Nassau County NY, New York County NY, Queens County NY, Suffolk County NY

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Howard Nevins has over 20 years of experience with entrepreneurship and building companies with a focus of bringing buyers and sellers together. Howard has helped start several companies, with his most recent, acquired by a publicly traded entity he truly understands the commitment that it takes to make a company successful. Prior to his Internet success, Howard started his career on Wall Street in NY and then moved to Hong Kong as part of an International Trading Desk. During his years overseas, Howard was able to learn about and gain a deep appreciation for many Asian and South-East Asian cultures. Howard understands the process of bringing together the right buyer and seller is a mixture of art and science and requires earning the mutual trust of all parties involved. Vested Businss Brokers is helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning their own business while at the same time helping existing business owners transition into their next endeavor. Howard's tenacity, attention to detail and willingness to get the job done makes him a perfect candidate to represent you and/or your company. Please call Howard directly at 516-330-0707 or send an email to to get started right away.

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