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David Bock
David Bock
Vested Business Brokers Senior Broker
Servicing: New Castle County DE, Bucks County PA, Montgomery County PA, Camden County NJ

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David Bock is a 7 year seasoned small markets business broker, who, while driving the sales process, offers information without placing undue pressure on buyers and/or sellers. He is a business development expert with 30 years of experience in technical and non technical industries. David enjoys communicating with people of diverse backgrounds and interests and works hard to facilitate good negotiation climates for both sides of every deal . David has successfully closed many deals with buyer and seller well satasfied . Recent History: Most recently David worked in Executive Education for the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania enjoying a good stretching of his communicative and analytical skills. David has deep sales and management experience in technology driven products and services markets. He offers as personal strengths: sales intuition, marketing insight, intercultural, and linterpersonal interest and the desire to do his best for his clients. If you are looking for a broker who understands business and business relationships you need to call David Bock at Vested Business Brokers TODAY!

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