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Gas & Convenience Store in New Haven County - 26593

Business Type: convenience store,gasoline service station
Gas & Convenience Store in New Haven County
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General Information
Asking Price $219,000 Down Payment $219,000
Gross Revenues $466,680 Lease Remaining Register Free to View
Owner’s Cash Flow $55,220 Number of FT Employees Register Free to View


$219,000 Down and Negotiable. Store inventory will be financed

Business Description

This gas station presents a great opportunity for a new buyer, with no immediate competition for 2 miles and planned upgrades that will increase business. Currently, customers cannot pay at the pump with credit cards, but that upgrade is in the works. Gas and diesel are sold at different prices for cash and credit purchases, with good margins on both. The store also has good margins, resulting in profits both inside and out. By replacing the absentee owner with a hands-on owner and upgrading the pump, a five-figure income can be easily obtained. Other income sources include a $25,000 lotto commission, $7,000 ATM commission, and $34,680 gas commission on 204,000 gallons of gas and diesel. Contact the broker, Marie Goldstein at 1-877-735-5224 for more information.

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