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Beer & Liquor Distributor in Richmond County, NY - 23998

Business Type: liquor store/ wine,routes,misc. wholesale/distribution/non-classifiable,must sell/drastic price reduction!,assets only sale,beer distributor
Beer & Liquor Distributor in Richmond County, NY
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General Information
Asking Price $750,000 Down Payment $750,000
Gross Revenues $375,000 Lease Remaining Register Free to View
Owner’s Cash Flow $125,000 Number of FT Employees Register Free to View


$750,000 Down and Price is only for 50% of the business

Business Description

IMPORT/EXPORT LICENSED BEER AND LIQUOR DISTRIBUTOR New York, New Jersey, Connecticut FOR SALE RIGHT NOW !! BEEN WAITING FOR ONCE IN A LIFETIME DEAL !!! The Buyer that knows the value of an Import/Export of this license will snatch it up first because it allows all forms of selling in the state of New York and the ability to import and export per the seller. Owner just had major health issues resolved and is back in business. Wants Partner with top sales force and distribution for 50% of partnership of only $750,000.00 at current time. Or owner will consider $1,000,000.00 to buy him out. This well established liquor, wine, and beer distributor holds an import/export wholesale liquors license, valued NYC License at $500,000 minimum, which is registered with all New York state agencies and ready for a new owner. Seller just purchased a delivery truck valued at $35,000.00 paid in full. He also distributes to CT and New Jersey where all the casinos are located. Has major sales force before sickness, and is starting new with one 16 foot Ford 450. Owner currently developed his own VODKA which is considered comparable to the top shelf currently being made in upstate New York. His special Rum which is more like fine Cognac custom made in Jamaica. The process and ingredients is one of the reasons for the high quality product itself, currently 2335 cases of vodka and two year old rum in stock a case consists of twelve, one liter bottles selling at $159 per case equals $365,000 value all taxes paid in full. This product is produced and processed specifically for his business. This also is considered high end liquor as it has the taste of not only rum but also relates to a brandy flavor. This product does not have to be mixed with another beverage to enjoy it on the rocks. Imported wine from Italy both red and white 120 cases currently in stock with twelve bottles per cases. This is not even including his Tequila being offered in three months that taste like Tea at $200 a case and 9005 cases which equals $1,801,000 value minus tax to be paid values at $1,376,000. Seller has calculated total value after $100,000 expenses to $1,641,700 TOTAL VALUE of stock! And the value of license and delivery truck TOTAL VALUE OF THE ASSETS ARE $2,176,700!!!!!He will own this market. FINANCIAL INFO WILL BE PROVIDED DIRECTLY FROM OWNER. The seller is interested in selling 50% of the business for $750,000 or all of the company will consider $1,000,000. For more information and a meeting with the seller, please call the broker at 1-877-735-5224. Now is the time to own a distributorship.

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