Testimonials for Tom Patterson

Tom Patterson, as a Business Broker, was a tremendous asset to me. He helped me to find several potential business opportunities, sort through to find the best fit, assisted me in negotiations and dialogue with the Seller and made sure I understood the company that I ultimately purchased. He also went the extra mile to keep me informed even after the transaction seemed to slip away. When the opportunity re-surfaced, he was quick to get me back on track with the Seller and negotiate a final deal. He works hard and in a fair, even-handed manner to ensure the interests of both the Seller and the Buyer are considered and addressed. I look forward to working with Tom when my next business transaction surfaces.

- Mike Oster
  Westfield, NJ

Tom patterson helped me in so many ways to find the restaurant that i now have, communicated back and forth with me and the sellers to make sure i had what i needed as far as info that i requested, and made sure the sale was done in a professional and timely manner, will definitely use him again in the future. Thanks Tom

- Jack D'Angelo
  Clifton, NJ