Business Valuation: How to Determine What Your Business is Worth

Business valuation is a question that comes up a lot at Vested Business Brokers.  How do we determine the market value of a business when the owner wants to sell? Getting this right is critical if you want to sell your business quickly.

There’s all different rules of thought here…There’s the income value. There’s the asset value, etc. However, the way we at our firm look at any enterprise that we’re either going to acquire or help sell is: “What is the earnings potential, and how much is it earning today?”

Every business trades off “multiples” of earnings. In other words, we determine how much the business is earning, and what type of documentation does the seller have to prove to us how much it’s earning. That’s how we determine business valuation. Every industry has a multiplier that it will trade against. We have that database with all of that information.

At Vested, we leverage the information we’ve gathered since we began in 2001. Through our analysis of the data we know that sometimes in geographical areas the multiple is larger than others. In addition, if the business is an absentee run business it might trade at a larger multiple; whereas, if it’s just a cash cow or where the financial buyer will lay out the money and let your management team send them a check every month—that’s a financial buyer—or a financial buyer who wants to be a part of that management team. But, if it’s absentee run, it will always trade at a higher multiple.

Our brokers will be delighted to tell you what the multiplier is. I don’t want to get into it in our meeting today because we represent, I think, four or five hundred different categories of businesses that are for sale.

If you have a profitable business, it will trade against the multiple of the profitability of that business. Our job is to find out how profitable you are and how to tell that story to a potential buyer who is interested in buying it.

If we can help you, it would be our pleasure. Don’t hesitate; give us a call today at (877) 735-5224 to speak to me or one of our experienced brokers.

Gas Station Businesses for Sale at Vested Business Brokers

Vested has hundreds of gas station businesses for sale in its ever-growing data base. The video below highlights a small handful of the gas stations/convenience stores (C stores) currently available at Vested Business Brokers.

Gas station businesses are in high demand so if you find one on our website that you like make sure to let one of our brokers know that you’re interested. You can be sure that the high volume/high traffic gas stations available today will NOT be available for too long. So don’t Delay!

If you’re interested in buying a gas station/convenience store…call Vested Business Brokers today at (877) 735-5224 to speak to one of our experienced brokers.

Buying a Business and the Due Diligence Period

We recently received a great question asked by someone interested in buying a business. The question is, “what is the due diligence period?”

Hi, my name is Nathan Goldstein and I am the CEO of Vested Business Brokers, we help people buy and sell profitable, privately held businesses for sale since 2001. In that period of time with helped close more than 1000 transactions.

Folks, the due diligence period is the most serious part of a deal. It is probably the scariest part for either buyer or seller because during this time the seller is disclosing to the potential buyer all the financial information relating to his business. And, it’s the buyer’s job to make sure that whatever representations the seller is making are 100% truthful, correct and accurate.

So, as you can imagine, this is a crucial time period for the parties to a transaction…and it is the time when you, as the buyer, have to be the most serious entrepreneur about your deal. You really need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s…as it were.

This is very important…You SHOULD have competent professionals help you during the due diligence period. At Vested, we strongly recommend that you get a CPA with forensic accounting experience or somebody who understands small business. You need to get him in there and make sure that the seller’s financial representations are accurate.

If for any reason you are not comfortable with the seller’s numbers during due diligence you have two options.

  1. You could walk away from the deal, or
  2. If you really like the deal and you think you could improve the business you could ask the seller for an adjustment in the price because you try to price it and you priced your deal based on his representations.

If his representations cannot be proven, let’s say for instance, a seller says he is making 200k and, after your due diligence you find he’s only making 150k, that extra 50 thousand dollars can dramatically effect the price of the business.

As a business buyer you have to be very thorough when you are doing your due diligence. You can’t just agree and say, “I am going to spend 300 hundred thousand dollars on a business that is really only worth 200 because instead of the guy saying that he is making 150 he is only making 100.”

In the context of doing your due diligence you need to be aware of the multiple or market value of the type of business you’re looking at…making sure that you can prove all the numbers that the seller’s representations are accurate.

Be patient, deals are not easy but they are worth the time and effort.

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How Quickly Can You Sell Your Business?

A question we get asked a lot by business owners is, “how long will it take to sell my business?”  In this video I will disclose the three factors that will determine how long it will take to sell any business…

There are a three major components that you really have to address when selling your business.

1) The most important one are your “financials”.

How are you going to prove the revenue and profits of your business? If you have that taken care of, you know what I am talking about and when you have that taken care of are able to prove all the numbers, the revenue, the income of your business and your add backs. Your business is 50% there.

2) The second step is to see if it is priced correctly to the market.

There are many times that we go into a business and the guy or gal wants way more than what the moving market is experiencing at that time. What multiple is your industry selling for at this time in your geographical market? Call us today and will be glad to help you.

3) The third piece is how many buyers are out there?

Many business brokers in the United States cannot answer that question. You ask the Vested broker with a click of a button and he can tell you exactly, based on your category, how many potential buyers we will be talking to when selling your business.

Typically we can get a deal done within 60 to 90 days if all three components are correct. I wish you luck. If you need any help call your local Vested broker at (877) 735-5224.