Make a Profit and buy a Cash-flowing Convenience Store!

Are you in the market for a cash-flowing Convenience Store?
Check these out!

Owning a convenience store offers peace of mind in the face of even the toughest of economies. The fact is individuals still require many of the necessities that these stores provide regardless of the nation’s economic state. According to The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, “The U.S. convenience store industry has 151,000-plus stores that account for nearly $700 billion in sales.

If purchasing an existing money generating convenience store is something you’re interested in, Vested Business Brokers is here to help. We currently have 467 diverse, profitable and cash flowing convenience stores in our database that are available for sale—some (76 to be exact) with asking prices of less than $100 thousand dollars. Call us now and one of our experienced brokers will work with you hand in hand through the entire process to find the perfect convenience store that’s right for you.

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