How To Finance A Small To Midsize Business

Things buyers need to know about how to finance a small to midsize business. Please watch this video, it’ll be a good start for you. Feel free to call me even if you purchasing a business that’s not a vested listing, we would be glad to help you with this.


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Top 8 Websites To Go To Find A Business

Nathan Goldstein, Vested business brokers CEO, top 8 picks to shorten your journey in finding the appropriate business. This video contains the top 8 websites in America to find profitable privately held businesses for sale.


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How To Search For A Business To Buy

Nathan Goldstein giving some of his best tips on how to become an entrepreneur.


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What Qualities are Needed to Become a Successful Business Broker?

Since 2001 Vested Business Brokers has helped people buy and sell profitable, privately owned businesses. In that time Vested has also helped people succeed as business brokers by offering a top-notch broker training and coaching program.

In their position as business broker trainers they are often ask about the qualities it takes to become a successful business broker. In this video, Vested’s owner and CEO, Nathan Goldstein answers that question…

What type of qualities does a person need to have to be a successful business broker?

First, you need to be honest, hard working. You need to have the ability to focus. You literally have to be able to work on your own. Sometimes being a business broker can be lonely. You do prospecting, which I equate to being like a farmer. Sometimes you’re out in the field by yourself prospecting, and you are talking to people and hand out cards and brochures, and you tell people what you do for a living. Then all of a sudden, you get a seller who wants to sell and then you jump into broker gear. This is just what you do and how you do it.

We, at Vested Business Brokers are going to teach you how to do it through our sophisticated broker training platform which you will access from the comforts of your own home – at your own pace.

The best single aspect of being a business broker is the freedom that it gives you, the ability to work on your own schedule, the ability to have as much time that you need off when you need it. You work around your own schedule. It’s a great profession. I know I’ve been doing it for twelve years and I wake up every single morning knowing I work for a start up. I work every single day and I love it. I hope you love it as well. If you have any questions about being a business broker, don’t hesitate to call our career counselors. They’re waiting for you st

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